Agents earned over $10 million in 2020.
Don’t leave money on the table!

What if you could earn tens of thousands of dollars in referral fee commission just by talking to your friends? For Coldwell Banker Realty agents it’s that simple with Referral Rewards.

Through this program, participating Coldwell Banker Realty agents earn a financial reward every time an agent they refer to the company closes a transaction. It’s that simple!


The Steps to Recruit New Independent Sales Associates

1. Identify Potential Sales Associate(s)

You identify and generate interest among potential sales associate candidates within your social and professional spheres.

2. Complete and Submit a Registration Form

You then complete the registration of the recruited sales associate and facilitate an introduction to the office manager. In order to be eligible for the referral fee commission, the registration form must be completed and submitted to the office manager prior to the recruited sales associate being associated with the company.

3. Earn Recruiting Income

For the first two years after the agent you refer associates with the company, you will earn the equivalent of 2% of the recruited sales associate’s gross commission income (GCI) on closed transactions. Beginning the third year, you will continue to earn equal to 1% of the recruited sales associate’s GCI on all closed deals for as long as you both remain associated with a participating Realogy Brokerage Group company.

The Referral Rewards Program is perfect for sales associates who, like me, talk to their peers all the time and frequently end up singing the praises for Coldwell Banker. I have a story to tell after 43 years in the business, and I think other associates appreciate hearing about Coldwell Banker’s advantages directly from someone who’s using them out in the field.

Lynne Koy, Coldwell Banker Realty, Longboat Key, Florida

Coldwell Banker’s Referral Rewards Program is truly great.
It’s an unexpected gift that gives you a reason to celebrate a new
Sales associate’s success and the greatness of this business.

Tracy Pina, Coldwell Banker Realty, Los Gatos, California
I referred a past client of mine through Referral Rewards who has become a successful REALTOR® with Coldwell Banker and someone great to work with. I receive money from every deals she closes, and it’s always a pleasant surprise to get the notification that money just hit my account! It’s easy extra income without much work on my end.
Mariene Menin, Coldwell Banker Realty, Weston, Florida
The Referral Rewards Program allows me to help bring over exceptional sales associates that I have worked with in the past and know of their superior transactional experiences. It is a great way to help build the brand and ensure that the Coldwell Banker Preferred name continues to be synonymous with the highest professional and ethical standards. And while making money from the Referral Rewards Program is a nice added bonus, the real benefit is that I have a hand in choosing my colleagues. I am often reminded by the sales associates I referred through this program that they appreciate the benefits of being affiliated with such a well-respected company. Knowing that I played a part in contributing to their success at Coldwell Banker Preferred is something that I take great pride in.
Alec Schwartz, Coldwell Banker Preferred, Media, Pennsylvania
I’ve had an incredible experience with Referral Rewards. I have brought in many colleagues that I’ve met over the years while doing business, and it’s amazing to see how much success they’ve had with our company. Aside from this rewarding experience of recruiting awesome REALTORS that I now call friends, it’s also great to have extra money come in when my referrals close a deal. Talk about a win-win situation!
Marco Gonzalez, Coldwell Banker Realty, Arcadia, California

I appreciate the Referral Rewards Program because it gives me the opportunity to provide input on independent sales associates that I could possibly work with on a daily basis. Since the Los Gatos office is so close-knit, having the right mix of sales associates is a crucial part of making sure our business remains successful. The referred sales associates have been very appreciative of my referral, and I’m happy to help my manager grow this office with other like-minded individuals. The referral compensation is an added bonus and very much appreciated. It’s just one more way that Coldwell Banker demonstrates how much they value our input.

Melanie Kemp, Coldwell Banker Realty, Los Gatos, California


The Rewards Just Got Bigger

Unlimited earning potential.
Unlimited recruits.
Unlimited rewards.

These are just a few of the new and exciting perks made possible through Referral Rewards. Ready to see what else this new program has to offer? Check out this video for an insider’s look.


It’s as Easy as One, Two, Three…

See how much you could earn by recruiting sales associates using our earning potential calculator.*

*These numbers represent your earning potential should you recruit a sales associate to affiliate with a participating Realogy Brokerage Group company. Simply slide the scale to increase/decrease Gross Commission Income (GCI) and years of service.

2% Per Year (First 2 Years)

1% Every Year Thereafter


We’re here to help answer your questions.

Questions regarding the Sales Associate Referral Rewards program can be directed to the local office manager.