NRT Sales Associate Referral Program

  • Identify, recruit, and register new Independent Sales Associates for the opportunity to earn unlimited referral fee commission.
  • If the Recruited Sales Associate has not been associated with an NRT company for the past 6 months, he/she is eligible to be recruited as part of this program.
  • Commission earnings will be equal to 2% of the Recruited Sales Associate’s Gross Commission Income per year on transactions that close during the two-year period following the Recruited Sales Associate’s date of association. Beginning in the third year, the Sponsoring Sales Associate will earn the equivalent of 1% of the Recruited Sales Associate’s Gross Commission Income on all closed deals until either Sales Associate is no longer associated with an NRT company for any reason.
  • The Sponsoring Sales Associate (or Co-Sponsoring*) must complete and sign the registration form identifying the Recruited Sales Associate and submit to the office manager or staff. Office manager/staff should immediately forward to the destination office/manager.
*In the event an agent is referred by two sponsoring Sales Associates, the two Sponsoring Sales Associates will split the Commission. Both Sponsoring agents need to complete the referral paperwork, and the Recruited Sales Associate needs to acknowledge both sponsoring Sales Associates when completing the authorization form with the Manager.
  • Form/registration submission:
    1. The Destination Branch Manager will complete and sign the registration form.
    2. The Destination Branch Manager will have the Recruited Sales Associate sign the registration form.
    3. The Destination Branch office/staff shall submit the completed form to Licensing.
    4. Referral registration must be submitted to the Licensing Department by the date that the Recruited Sales Associate affiliates with the Company.
  • There is no limit to the number of Recruited Sales Associates the Sponsoring Sales Associate can sponsor.
  • Recruits onto teams are now eligible. See the FAQ’s Team Related section.
  • Any employee that receives W2 earnings for 20 or more hours of work per week (regardless of licensure status) will not be eligible to participate in the Referral Rewards program but may be eligible to refer Sales Associates through the Employee Sponsoring Sales Associates (ESSA) Program. Click here
  • Employees that receive W2 earnings for less than 20 hours of work per week may be eligible for the Referral Rewards program if their job responsibilities do not include recruiting activities.
  • A Sponsoring Sales Associate who places their license with an NRT Referral Network company and recruits a Sales Associate from a company outside of NRT is eligible to participate in the Referral Rewards Program unless the Sponsoring Sales Associate is a benefit eligible W2 employee with the Company (works 20 or more hours per week).
  • Sales Associates who place their license with an NRT Referral Network company are already considered to be associated with an NRT company and therefore are not eligible to become a Recruited Sales Associate in Referral Rewards.
  • Recruited Sales Associates that transfer to referral only status will be removed from the program and the Sponsoring Sales Associate will no longer be eligible to receive the Referral Rewards program benefit for that individual.
  • Referral fee commissions paid to the Sponsoring Sales Associate do not count towards level earnings or awards but do count towards IRS 1099 earnings.
  • All self-generated and company-generated business conducted by the Recruited Sales Associate will be eligible for Referral Rewards unless there is a referral fee due to another source. This includes the Recruited Sales Associate’s Gross Commission Income earned on sales and leasing transactions.
  • This program terminates when one of the Sales Associates (Sponsoring or Recruited) is no longer associated with an NRT company for any reason and Referral Rewards cannot be transferred to another Sales Associate under any circumstance. In the event a co-Sponsoring Sales Associate disassociates, the remaining sponsor will still receive their own portion of the rewards (not inclusive of disassociated Sponsors portion of the reward).
  • Sponsoring Sales Associates may sponsor Sales Associates from NRT-owned companies in different markets to be included as recruit candidates in the program, as well as Sales Associates from all other non-Realogy associated brokerages in any market.
  • Recruits who are Sales Associates in any Realogy-branded associated brokerages (including Century 21®, Coldwell Banker®, Coldwell Banker® Commercial, ERA®, Sotheby’s®, Corcoran®, City Habitats®, Climb®, and Better Homes and Gardens® etc.), or from another NRT-owned company in the same market, are not eligible to be part of this program.
  • Sales Associates affiliated with an NRT Company that have mentored a newly affiliated Sales Associate and did not complete the Referral Rewards application process prior to the Recruited Sales Associate’s affiliation the Company; and/or who were not responsible for the recruitment of the newly affiliated Sales Associate to affiliate with the Company, will not be eligible for Referral Rewards payments for that Sales Associate.
  • Sponsoring Sales Associates must be enrolled in direct deposit in order to receive the benefit.
  • Questions regarding the program or eligibility should be directed to the Chief Recruiting Officer or your local HR or ICR Representative.
What I value the most about the Referral Rewards Program is that I have the opportunity to help bring in top producing Sales Associates to Coldwell Banker, a company that provides top-notch training to make sure its Sales Associates are equipped with the best tools in the industry. I am always looking to help recruit good, strong professionals to our office in order to strengthen our business and help increase our exposure, market share and productivity in locations that we may not have a strong presence in. Receiving income from recruiting a new Sales Associate is an added benefit from participating in this program.
Elena Price, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Westwood, Massachusetts
I’ve used the Referral Rewards Program twice and have had a great experience both times. It’s a win-win situation when I’m able to help recruit a new Sales Associate to the office by serving as a resource to help them get started with Coldwell Banker, and once they’ve achieved success in the business, I receive a financial reward. I recommend the program 100% and hope to be able to use it again soon.
Andrea Collins, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Coldwell Banker’s Referral Rewards Program is truly great. It’s an unexpected gift that gives you a reason to celebrate a new Sales Associate’s success and the greatness of this business.
Tracy Pina, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Los Gatos, California

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